Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A WIP that may get finished soon

Here is a project that I pulled back out today. I had pieced these squares from a Fresh Squeezed Layer Cake last December. I decided it was time to pull this project back out and get it done. The top should go together quickly since they are such big squares. Maybe I'll be quilting this one by the weekend.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fabric Friday Fun

Here are a few fabrics that I picked up last week after my sewing machine class. I stopped by Quilter's Corner in Finleyville and found these fun fabrics. My sewing machine classes were fun. I learned how to do blind hems, sew on buttons with the machine, make button holes, use a double needle on the machine, piece batting together, sew a zipper and make fun decorative stitches. There's a lot I could do with this new machine. I might have to stretch out of my quilt comfort zone and try making a purse or something.

Monday, September 20, 2010

More Daisy Doodle and a Sale

I just received 3 new bolts from the Daisy Doodle line that I'm adding to my Etsy shop. So to celebrate I'm having a Sale - Purchase $25 or more from my Etsy shop and get a FREE Fat Quarter of your choice (excludes Munky Munky). This special sale is good through Sunday, September 26th.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Afternoon Quilting and the Imaginary Ice Cream Truck

I started quilting my quilt last night and have gotten pretty far. I think an hour or two more and I'll have it done. The new Janome works great for quilting. The space is just awesome. I'm stippling this time, which is moving along quickly and easily. I can't wait to see the binding on this one.

And while I was quilting Troy was playing in the "Ice Cream Truck", yes under my cutting table was the ice cream truck today. He brought me several imaginary ice cream cones while quilting. 4 year olds have such a great imagination.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Basting Complete

I started basting this quilt over the weekend and finished it last night. Basting is a bit of a workout, and I always break a few finger nails before completion. I can't wait to start quilting on my new Janome. I have my second class tomorrow morning for getting to know my machine. I think I'll wait until after that to start this one. At my class last week I learned an interesting tip - when you change your thread, you should always cut it at the top and pull it through the machine the way that it's threaded. They said to never pull it back through the machine because this will clog up your machine with dust. I never heard that before, but will be sure to do that in the future.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Scrappy Houses

I felt like using some of my scraps this week so I made a few scrappy houses. I'll put them together into a quilt one of these days, for now though it was fun playing with the scraps to make a these houses.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My New Machine...

On Tuesday I picked up my brand new Janome Horizon 7700 sewing machine. My Mom and I went to Sew Much Fun over in McMurray, PA. I have been looking at new sewing machines for months now and I decided on this one awhile ago, I just had to save up for it. I wasn't going to get the table because it was extra, but my Mom & Dad got that for me for my birthday (which isn't till December, but hurray for early birthday presents). The table had to be put together, see above, but it was pretty easy, I did it myself. The machine is awesome. It has 250 stitches and so much more space for quilting (11 inches vs the 6 inches I had with my Brother). I've only sewn a little so far, because this week has been so busy. I can't wait to quilt my next quilt on this one.