Saturday, September 15, 2012

Some Embroidered T-Shirts

Two weeks ago we had several Birthday parties in the family.  Charlie turned 3 and Anna turned 6.  I thought I'd make shirts for both of them.  I also made Charlie's little brother Landen a cute Dragon T-Shirt. 

I found all of these embroidery designs at Planet Applique. They have cute designs at great prices. 


  1. I like your post...Very impressive Designs of Embroidered T-Shirts.....keep sharing like dis...

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  2. I have the same obsession as you do, and the same machines . I started when I began making things for my baby granddaughter, and haven't stopped since. Thank you for the idea of heat and bond. I haven't used that yet, but will definitely try.

  3. I'm not sure what you mean. If the machine had preloaded designs? Or if the designs were all embroidery instead of appliqué eliminating the need for the fabric panels but not necessarily the thread changes?